Papa Osmubal

Papa Osmubal writes from Macau, Southern China. His wife and children make his home an eternal spring.  His 5-year old girl's name is Man Lok, which means Noble; and his 3-year old boy's name is Man Hou, which means Good Culture.  Her wife's name is Kam Sio, which means Golden Smile.

His previous books are Parnaso- a poetry collection in Tagalog, and Lighthouse- a poetry collection in English.

He has been anthologized in Synaptic Graffiti: Slam the Body Politik (Literature and Art on CD, Australia, 2004), Mitochondria: an Anthology of Rarities and Loose Ends (USA, 2004), and Honoring Fathers: An International Poetry Collection (University of the Philippines Press, 2005).

His poems have found home in various  publications, online and hardcopy.

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