The long moan of a dance is in the sky.  

For ten seconds I consider dancing with  
dancers exercising in a mirror,  
Stevens’ sirens and Williams’ little Morris dance,  
common dance variations.  

The costumes of the dancers sway in the chill darkness.  

Dance floors flash their knives  
and dance, the white bones  
even now, somehow, dance themselves out of the dark.

                         I dance my part in paradise





note: a cento from Hart Crane’s ‘The Bridge: The Dance’, Nikky Finney’s ‘Dancing with Strom’, Amy Clampitt’s ‘Dancers Exercising’, Diane Wakoski’s ‘Dancing on the Grave of a Son of a Bitch’, Kamau Brathwaite’s ‘Kumina’, Donald Justice’s ‘A Dancer’s Life’, Khaled Mattawa’s ‘Bedtime Reading for the Unborn Child’, Martha Collins’ ‘Leaving Behind’, Yannis Ritsos’ ‘The Crane Dance’, Tiffany Higgins’ ‘Dance, Dance, While the Hive Collapses’


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