Out of the mouths of rogues & mucklings natural
fuck him! fuck them! --blunt oath sharp threat --not surprised main
braggadocio's Wild Bill Burroughs look-alike -- 
how come Beat Gen's become the archetype? Allen
& Jack's Holy Fam predicted in HM &
Consort --Royals all the way --but inside cafe's
four-lettered to-do (--painter'd fix the kawfee 
to the air with brown glaze
) cannot believe four-eyes'
"it's spiritual" --hmm? if that's not lost-at-sea! --
Safer palate's harbour's blue & blue --whitewashed Ship
Inn's wall gleaming on town side --white hand-rail --cirrus --
green stanchions --Top Cat III bobbing true blood's side --
Nicola-L's blue hull & crammed-full fishing deck --
ah (paint cod & chips cavalcade as tho' a gull)!


[Weymouth/Dorset, Melbourne; 28-4/May'16]

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