hull like a hard rain
small inlet (we can stand here)
      and forth a black-beaten
on the small bravado of sidewalk
      trashcans on the asphalt ground
kitchen trash dragged

spoon      small alcohol
      three things      fragments
through small openings
      broken pavement      glass
single sidewalk down      look
look      standing away      St. Mary's
      and point break      nature by lying

your throat and a headlong rush
small town and a garbage scow
hand-cut inside      black cold and spat
      clean the curious streets
small or trifling      pinpoint
      some large      some small
course others      cloud to see
and on the ground novel with layout

            tucked away

                        soul to cinders

                  line pulled taut



batte batter bhat

      one whole end of a brick
      one end thicker / broader
      shale bituminous shale
      sheet of cotton filling

      to cudgel to beat
      to bate to flutter
      as in a game
      in similar games a racket
      stroke or sharp blow
      a stroke of work
      speed a spree



      plaster with fibrous and other
      in relief or in the round
      that which props or upholds
      wand borne of authority
      forming flat of considerable size
      framework to make the exterior
      forming joints may be
      for the gorget or knife

      hence a support
      the round of a ladder
      the five lines and spaces
      a series of verses so disposed
      concluded the same order

      an arbor as of a wheel
      a pinion as of a watch
      the grooved director
      cutting for stone in the bladder
      an establishment attached
      hence a body

      a long slender a tall slender
      the stem of a small tree
      carriage between the wheel
      guided on which a flag
      in stripes used as a sign
      which climbing beans or hops
      a rod a perch

      to furnish as to pole
      to convey as to barn
      to impel as to boat
      to stir as to molten glass

      the extremity of an axis
      a distant great circle
      of the sphere of such surface
      such a point as of the horizon
      such force of a needle

      of the ecliptic
      of the firmament
      of the sky




waves shift

lower tone
from moving vehicles clutter
the degree of the radio
tag can be tuned
            (a distraction)

by their nature
bounces off the moving car
turn heads when you clock
weather for the broadcast
all of us have encountered
            (invisible to us)


the speed of an object

for observing meteors
            (along side a road while a car passes)

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