Corey Mesler

Django Reinhardt at the Piggly Wiggly

I run into Django
at the supermarket.
I ask him how to pick
the right melon.
He tells me not to
fret.  I watch him walk
away.  The gypsy of
dreams, the answer to
every musical query.
The other shoppers
are oblivious.  I want
to shout at them
take heed, a god walks
among us.  Django
turns into the next aisle.
I think it's condiments.
I look at the melon
as if it were numinous.
The muzak is 'Porto Cabello.'




The Eternal Fairy Tales

Every true story ends in dearth.
This is a true story.
In the big place inside my head
there is parade rest.
I wish I could convey to you the
apoplexy of involvement.
You resist the clearest eye, the
man who stands in
the middle of the story and rains.
When I was younger
I believed in God. Now I believe
in believing. Every
true story ends in the earth, friend.
This is, roughly, a true story.


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