i believe in candles straight as a die
cast from the remains of other dead
candles gathered from votive chapel
candles racks & coloured roses even
week & feast days every sacramental
symbol of resurrection crushing old
candles to make the new flame wick
like arteries through which a blood
wax may flow like melted invention
candles with a lens flare flame atop
wooden benches serve for the altar
carpenter candles sepia tones (new
birthday candle red tear chunks of
other older candles crushed blues
passionate forgiven yellows bruise
coloured candle painted exactly as
it stood just as gerhard richter saw
it in 1982 I believe in the belief in
the meaning of seen things a font
in which the movable type of this
meaning can finally rest washed &
healing set as fast as this candle's
wax a monument to each dripping
dream & catalogue of still lives by
candle lights these aesthetics of a
simple life my new candle an hour
a life a failing tumescence candles
like buildings falling & metaphors
crushed outlived belief straight as
a burnt tree across the breeze flies
or nails pressed into these candles
leaves drawn or painted there & a
twisty stump to be discarded then
remoulded as a new skin-coloured
candle honeys beeswax brand new
sweetness & light a morning swift
& full of candlebirds cast from old
birds long disappeared old wound
long healed or frozen over a snow
candle a sun candle an aerial flame
of flying candles angels are human
mysteries candle skyline backdrop




from deep within the bowie bowels
a scream dissects the early warning
dreampolice scan random thoughts
as vapour trails we laid behind that
enervating shard yes phillip's glass
more hoaxes wet with dim ecliptic
mirror shades of staked out selves
regardless of the clubs new curfew
limits streak the bowery frosts for
answers to expired deadlines owls
rhyme sheets with my nuclear sub
editor's jowls pursed lips a wende
in the corridors of power showers
segregated memorial queue jump
radical electric cringe boats sunk
deliberate scuttle calibos the crab
walk the plank solid construction
no rubber bands your insecticide
corrodes my pipes lined with lead
these cobblestones & power lines
interconnected with the steel rain
hearing tin drums in the flashing
streets the coursing rainbows oil
created from leadlight beam here
where sorrow reflects the castle's
damp decay teachers forget their
own conjugations these guerillas
& their whorefare my champagne
glass needs destruction an empty
cast from the last u-bahn stations
fell beneath my articulated wheel
parachutists follow candles flares
that liberty held in a rusted hand
we scatter across no-man's lands




verse 4.58 in the day of the dream nation
one second later our whole world crashes
this cassette tape contains tallowed pages
from ernst jandl's collected love gedichte
meanwhile my trilogy of candles' passage
through the bald deserts of egypt & sinai
continues despite a rare russian release's
credibility doubts we have seen the green
light of your massive lyrical genius (we'll
slip between the track listings to glances
on the s-bahn & the candles of holocaust
survivors in the rain our paper cups will
hold back the scalding wax of half-moon
truths & the familiar tales of con victims
now memory's the warm glow of sunset
reflected on inner-city building windows
& rubble is my last logical remembrance
light is a candle or an old man in a park
kneeling to pick up someone else's butt
silver spewing from our hungry mouths
i no longer sleep (feed on interpretation
each day's anniversary of the one before
returning me doubly blind the chances
i failed to take that first time around &
here in the halfway house for dim stars
i'll be counting sunspots on a cardboard
dish drinking milk from the healing cup
my love is the tiny kitten in some storm
lashing the leafy green nations subway
stations space & time galleries now full
of sighs moonglows & passages from a
yet to be written plain authorless novel
or a bonus track coming straight after
candle (length 4.59 file-traded version /

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