Artemis variations





Two or three

Animals - you choose

The one that runs and shoot it.


The noise stays with you.


It means a shadow -

The nickering in the palm

Of the tame as you approach

With sugar and field-nights

Hauling the body beside the fence

Home to abattoir


A radio, a calendar

A family, the oil and wired hooves

Of the faun hung in its membrane

With the smell of scalded milk;


I crawl my knife over the sand's mounded silica

With only the wound of noise -

It's hopeless but not yet jesus

In the miracle of a half-life


Split between the lizard's

Photographic eye

And the style of hate

And survival, both


Needles of tender beasts

Hurting as they mend

An unsuturable cleft

With these threads

Of tongue.


It's only the third you've killed

Losing her caramel skin

Shouting at it and

Trampling on it

Like a shadow with you

You want

Pressed to your lips


Because it's my enemy

You want

Because love

Is reasonable and just

Completes the half.




Life is impossible

To live is unattainable

For one who kills another

Or for me

Who loves another

Like an enemy, my lover

Divides me into parts


I'm a voice I've found

I've found I despise -

It's the piercing

Shrill tone of the sea

The decay and collapse

Of will power


It's the dissolution

The reverse of the lizard's

Photographic eye:

It's a cavity of the image -


It's the skin within -

Skin cannot be touched -

Skin isn't touching skin -


It's the eye and actor

It's the sex of the eye

That sees and sloughs off a still

Like its own dead skin complete

Complete in its orbit everywhere


And I'm a raised voice

As if I lifted a curtain

Behind which a character gesticulates

With desperate language

And indicates the Mother

Screaming terrorised

In twisted metal


Who plays a role

Bears a child

Who in turn

With the delay

Of a miracle

Echoes, echoes cry

Down the years

And corridor


In a cascade effect of gravity

And light

The serious child

Has those Greek arrows

Which, arrive at the bow,

After the target,

Last at the back of your head,

Compelling to an end

To the math and tautology.


The soul who observes

The actor and eye meeting

Who bleeds and smokes

Who takes in and allows -

Like an enemy

She splits me into positions.




I'm a word, a thrust, a promise


And in the promise

Of an open afternoon

Every future act of love

Divides every past

Act of love

By itself


And itself an object

Of possession

The voice I've found

Stays with

Like a subject of rights


Who taught herself to read

Listening to rain

From the mountain

From the sea

On the corrugated iron


When salt and cloud

And another snow

Three visitors will come in

Wiping their boots

One bringing food

For the other two

Will sit down


Despite he might hope

To be read by her

The one who stands

Won't be leaving


Because belly and sex

And his eyes will stick out


Like they did at the schoolgirl bar

In a way beautiful easy


On the backs of his arms and legs

The skin loose

The joints uncircumcised

Swimming underneath


They'll hump in the bare flat

In his adjoining room

The needles will come out


It's cold without the fire


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