a story


or to go to the end of the line

where you talk about manuals


and present tense, say that


afterparties and quarterback mondays

the whole thing happens thrillingly


as required. tuesdays

(i don’t say there are never irrelevancies)


and when i say perfect of course

i mean flawed in the most perfect


you know, some kind of

progression was going to


fully-formed, someday, the story

that would make it all


the trace of a trace, something done

some time, or just a suggestion


to be bald-faced is to lie


in a landscape, with a small change in it

or a small change in attitude towards


it. take solace in the fact that i fall in

the second category (thunk but no


worries) rather than no


if you catch yourself doubled over

the ducks past a post


will lead to a miraculous set piece

crouching in a shopping trolley


look baby i’m double parked

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