Another time and place where we might belong


in this divided city, a black man

passing you by in the street usually nods –

a way of opening up another time

and place where we might belong.

and in this divided city, there are

those tough days you want to forget

what it is like living here, that as hard

as you struggle to find new roots

is almost as hard as you struggled to leave.



you return a black man’s nod today because

you have decided to blame colonialism

and whiteism and capitalism. how else could

it be that in this divided city you feel so black

and so blue? and since you returned his nod today

you might be able to shed lonely tears tonight,

at least there’s a possibility of healing in that.

and then you wouldn’t have to admit it, not yet,

not to yourself, that real healing

will only be possible once we shift

some essential part of our being.

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