Begging Bowls


Collect as many bowls as possible: from market stalls, junk shops, jumble sales, friends, anywhere. Made of any material: metal, wood, plastic, ceramic or wicker. They shouldn’t be too ornate and preferably be between 10 and 30 cms in diameter. Then do three things with these bowls on three successive days.

Day one
Choose a wall you know a lot of people walk past. Wearing white cotton gloves (bare hands might result in grease marks) place the bowls on the ground between 15 and 30 cms away from the wall. They should be contained within a maximum width of 280 cms but look as though they’ve been left there at random.
Lean against the wall and try to catch the eye of any passer-by.

Day two
Find an area of flat concrete ground and spread out 12 large bags of yellow sand on the floor to a depth of approximately 2 cms. Use a stick to draw out six concentric semi-circles in the sand with radii of approximately 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 cms. Place the bowls along these semi-circles as close as possible to each other without touching.
Stand well back, away from the sand, squat down and wait.

Day three
Cover a rectangular table with a clean tablecloth and arrange as many bowls on it as fit  comfortably. Place a photograph of yourself as a four-year-old child in one of the bowls. Sit down on a chair next to this photograph and try to bring notice to, or accentuate, the contrast between your appearance then and now.

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