foam:e editorial issue 20


Welcome to foam:e issue 20.

This time around we were keener than ever to be surprised, perplexed and strangely
elated by something a little out of the ordinary, something a bit bats, even choppy
and imperfect—as long as it was electrifying.

We were met with strange childhood memories of being surrounded by screensavers
in your mum’s computer lab; pregnant partners who can only stomach ice; “molars of
storm clouds”; and a sister who acts like she’s a small nation with her own army.

It’s good to be back and we hope you enjoy our selections this year. We thank all
contributors for sending their work for consideration.

Angela Gardner and Carmen Leigh Keates

If you would like to follow us for updates between issues, we have been posting on
Instagram where we are @foamepoet (don’t worry if you do not have an Instagram account
– you can see our announcements without signing in).

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