Issue 15 Editorial by Angela Gardner and Carmen Leigh Keates


Welcome to the fifteenth edition of foam:e and our wonderful new look! We’re already getting accolades from our authors so a huge thank you and shout out to Maria from Intermingle in Perth for designing the new site and getting it up and running including getting all the past Issues loaded onto the new site. This new-look foam:e site also improves the manageability of our submissions process and that will be noticeable from 1 September when our next window opens. Images for this issue are of Iceland and are by Jane Yule.

It’s another bumper issue, packed with poems, reviews, and an interview. Among the poets published in this issue congratulations to Elaine Leong for her shortlisting in the Peter Porter Poetry Prize.

The interview by Carmen Leigh Keates of poetry critic and editor Martin Duwell ranges thoughtfully over the issues of writing reviews and the relationship between publishers and authors. Duwell was the main editor behind Makar Press, which published the classic Gargoyle Poets chapbook series during the 1970s, and he was also one of the Queensland Literary Awards judges for many years, making him one of the very few people who can say that during those years at least, he had read almost every book of poetry published in Australia. His reviews website can be found here.


Thank you to the publishers and authors who sent books to us to review, you will find a good selection of reviews in this issue. However as always there were many books that we didn’t manage to get to in the Reviews section. All are well worth a look, including…


The Honeymoon Stage, Oscar Schwartz, Giramondo, 75pp

The Metronome New Poems, Jennifer Maiden, Giramondo, 80pp

A Personal History of Vision, Luke Fischer, UWA Publishing, 100pp

Flute of Milk, Susan Fealy, UWA Publishing, 76pp *winner of the 2017 Wesley Michel Wright Prize for Poetry*

Snake Like Charms, Amanda Joy, UWA Publishing, 118pp

Charlie Twirl, Alan Gould, UWA Publishing, 103pp

Communists like us, John Falzon, UWA Publishing, 116pp

Preparations for Departure, Nathanael O’Reilly, UWA Publishing, 110pp

Passage, Kate Middleton, Giramondo, 117pp

Bone Ink, Rico Craig, Guillotine Press

Fingertip of the Tongue, Sarah Rice, UWA Publishing, 144pp

Chromatic, Paul Munden, UWA Publishing, 165pp

Anecdotal Evidence, Gaylene Carbis, Five Islands Press

Brink, Jill Jones, Five Islands Press

These Things are Real, Alan Wearne, Giramondo, 126pp

Lunar Inheritance, Lachlan Brown, Giramondo, 86pp

Dark Convicts, Judy Johnson, UWA Publishing, 138pp

The Blue Decodes, Cassie Lewis, Grand Parade Poets, 102pp

Skin Notes, Kristen Lang, Walleah Press, 116pp

Homing, Shevaun Cooley, Giramondo, 107pp

Afloat in Light, David Adés, UWA Publishing, 128pp

Anecdotal Evidence, Gaylene Carbis, Five Islands Press 85pp

ô horsey, Christopher Barnett, Wakefield Press, 290pp

The Alarming Conservatory, Corey Wakeling, Giramondo Poets, 69pp

The Flaw in the Pattern, Rachael Mead, UWA Publishing, 96pp

Walking with Camels – The Story of Bertha Strehlow, UWA Publishing, 150pp

Wildlife of Berlin, Philip Neilsen, UWA Publishing, 106pp

The Sky Runs Right Through Us, Reneé Pettitt-Schipp, UWA Publishing, 118pp


There’s a lot going on in Australian poetry! And lots for you, the reader, to explore and enjoy in this issue of foam:e.

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or Interview : Martin Duwell


Angela Gardner and Carmen Leigh Keates


Dydd Dewi Sant – March 2018

photo credits Jane Yule ‘Iceland’



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