Issue 18 Editorial by Angela Gardner


Image Credit – Hobart, 2021, Carmen Leigh Keates

Welcome to another edition of foam:e! This one different in that it catches us up to date with submissions from last year (yes it’s been another one of those years!) Poems have been chosen by new editor Kerry Kilner and Angela Gardner. We will be publishing our next issue, number 19, at our usual time of year in March and submissions for that are currently open until 30th November. That issue will be edited by all our current editors old and new: Carmen Leigh-Keates, Kerry Kilner and Angela Gardner.

In the meantime….Happy reading from Ireland at the Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or “darker-half” of the year!

Angela Gardner and Kerry Kilner


Samhain – Oct/Nov 2021



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