Like that


She said it was like colour swallowed up by bruised chalk

clouds at night, the bite of teeth


She said it was like silk, the electricity of cat fur

the tip of a finger, the flat of a hand, touch

of a cheek


Like puppies gobbling their food

tails wagging, circling the bowl

— that hovercraft of desire

— that overdose of love


Like being danced upon, melted,

whirled about



Like basking in fierce sun on an island

and surrounded by traffic and speed

at the same time


You — she said — it was you

Setting your cap, balancing your cane, laughing


You being that miracle, the unexpected

the visitor from space, the burnt fingernail

that rips

a path

down the blackboard heart


Empties a room

—just like that!

Sets the candles ablaze

Smashes all the windows


And every step, every dance

each touch

is a waltz




this poem originally appeared in Poetry D’Amour 2020 anthology, published by WA Poetry Inc.

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