Night Falling


Night Falling

In Memory of Candy Royalle

What did you see as night was falling?

The vastness of the plains, the grass radiant with its secret knowledge, and then the darkness deepening.

Did the world speak to you as to a shaman?

There are always signs and daemons, but they were no longer for me to speak or sing.

Was it so dark you could not see?

At first there was a moon, shedding its bony light.

Did others hold you?

There were so many—of my own skin and smell and hair and blood—but I alone was being ravaged.

Did you feel the presence of god?

Only love, and the unbearable tragedy of its passing.

Did sleep finally come for you?

The night always comes from within.

And when you woke?

My body was quiet as a beast with its throat cut.

And now?

Can’t you feel it? Life is still longing for us, calling for our poetry, our songs.

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