on Fremont


on Fremont

                                    – In its most basic sense, skepticism is about radical doubt: do we                                         exist? Do others exist? Can we communicate at all?”


white trees with branches reaching to rest on barrel vault steel

Chantilly, spider web-like            fingers


like you do on the table (upside down) when making a point

we are: buttonholed by cutouts            Glitter Gulch Golden

Nugget Binions the Pioneer            Vegas Vic


(lives on!) the cowboy salute the red-tipped cigarette

the hand that once waved now thumb            pointing

an afterlife, over his pancake hat

a misting system, under his spurred boots           souvenirs


gifts T-shirtsdeep fried butter!            heart attack cafés

& how we portray            hunger (on purpose

or otherwise) its heat & trinket            emptiness


sunlit neon on dust-encrusted place settings still trying to impress

you, let’s love          this aviary topiary butterfly house crystal

palace Quonset hut nut loaf cake tin            canopy


& take pleasure in the sadness it brings

a curved space of strength            we can’t reach


the horizon          does not appear & perspective

is always about to arrive.            yes, i hear

you’d like to be a canvas too

someday           when everything is different, or the same


after we’ve exchanged the            when what where how

i turn you inside out. then you are deciduous            flowering

hardy            the first to appear on fire-ravaged land


* Epigraph from Aron Vinegar. I am a Monument: On Learning From Las Vegas.MIT Press, 2008. p. 4.


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