Clothes laid out on a table in the opshop. I pick up a huge pink jersey, hear a lady say, ‘I knitted that’. Giggles as I try it on, and another the same colour that’s far too small. I hook a gauzy grey dress over myself – ‘I made that, too’. Shuffle around to a mirror in the middle of the shop. The dress has changed: it’s blue with cartoon panels, including an image of Mickey Mouse. Short, slightly puffed sleeves. Sleek, makes my stomach look flat. I hop up and down in front of the mirror. Shoppers edge away, overly absorbed in cast-offs, but with staring children. I don’t want to leave the mirror. I don’t want to take the dress off. The shop is suddenly cluttered with chairs. I can’t return the dress to the table. I carry on gazing. What kind of shoes?


little boy

on the plane, looking for

the magic

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