Reasons for liking


I’ve been thinking lately how 

impossible it is to break liking 

into small, discernible pieces 


You bring me lots of things 

happiness and onion soup, a cardholder 

so I don’t lose my credit card for a record number 

of three times this month 


You make me (chronic insomniac) 

want to hurry home to our mattress 

You have made, even sleep 

less tiresome 


Yet I think my reasons for liking might lie in what I want to bring you 


I try to sleep well so I can do ‘the awake’ well 

I try to read well so I can speak well 

for the sole purpose of making you do ‘the crinkly eye smile’ 

I go for walks 

(because you’ve demanded I leave my room more) 

I eat what I see and file it under 

‘things to tell Oscar’ 

so you can know what it tastes like too 


I’ve been thinking lately that I live well 

and my reasons for liking might lie in how 

I live well for you




first published in turbine

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