you were the first to make eye contact


let’s be the suck-ups at the front


Federal Highway

she thought the sign read

Bush  anger


deals with feels


she went to move her hand   and her other hand moved


that just about sums up our relationship


I can see by the hinges on your door   that you’re at work


you have so many hastes still


I actually had an Oscar Wilde moment in my life


LOL must have meant lots of love


3 a.m.

you rub my back

let me get to sleep


Palliative care access

use Flemington Road

Swirl catering


their old crackers   still there


I don’t want any events near me tomorrow


this flip went to Castlemaine


sweet smell

furtive schoolboys



another four clicks   and you’re there


partial yeah!


the system’s changing


I’m forced into being passive/agressive










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