Spenserian Sonnet


SUMATRAN will understand your aura.

It is not controlling like a pharmacist.

It is not cold or bitter like a doctor.

It is pink as the concern of an agonist.


One dose and you will smoke relief. Persist

-ent purple ears, sore jaw? Two-pack

of lies. You will not flush, tremor, fit, faint or blist

-er. Forty-year-old male? No heart attack.


It is hearsay, that it is sick, the pack

-aging—stroke it. Don’t be so sensitive,

Shorty—migraine will not come back.

This medicine is highly selective.


It does not contain gluten,

wort or sugar. Give it your full atten—








note: ‘Spenserian Sonnet’ remixes some of the text from SUMATRAN Consumer Medicine Information https://www.mydr.com.au/medicines/sumatran-tablets


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