The three genders: women, men, consumerism


Gifts for her: delicate pretty

dainty charming girly

female jewelry

up to 50% off!!! Our new

black sleek electric

razor, only $299

will make you instantly

manlier and somehow

more ripped! confident!

heroic! virile! Versatile: use it to subdue

your pubes or mince all those

carrots (only two bucks a kilo!)

But she uses it to shave her legs

then deliberately combs up

her foot, severing

the ornamental anklet.

Tiny silver links catch

against titanium like gravel-jangle

in Sunday’s motor mower. Later

he uses the razor to prune his

underarms, the anklet’s trinkets

replace his pit hair and he looks

like Christmas: globes suspended

weighty and glinting. Winking

she says, you look good. Dazzled

he says, I feel golden.

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