Theater of the Void


There was a lot of screaming and praying to Jesus. I guess I’m very confused about why this scene. What might make sense in one place might not be recommended in another. It was all night of slam, bang, boom. It bubbled up from the doors, seeped in from the windows. People always want to know is it climate change or is it not? You just look around and see things are totally gone. I’m composing, if not music, sounds like waves on the beach or perhaps wind in the forest.


At one point I couldn’t see for about five minutes. It was the first time that I’ve lost everything. I just let everything go. We don’t know where we are going to sleep tonight. We don’t know anything. The only thing we all cared about was the sun, the moon, and the sky. These are the things that we need to make sure we have in place. I dream of standing ovations. First thing Monday morning, I want to find out why.


All the shops are empty. What’s disappearing in front of our eyes is the history of this terrible war. It’s like a tornado went in and swept everything up. I was shocked. I didn’t think it would happen. Even birds and animals have nowhere to drink water. I saw blood coming out of the seal. People started yelling “Shark!” They told us to keep inside, to be ready for anything. It’s had me spooked for years. Now we’re also worried about our houses blowing up. You know how they say you hear the train noise? I heard it.

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