two by two


for Patrida Blake & Leighton Craig


with your ear

pressed to a bovine temple

you transcribe the message

from the hammer

enamel circles

that fall into

what they fell

out of →

(pupils) gamma-red

offer two corneas from one eclipse

before it inhales itself

as a squared shadow

listing like a glass boat

yet to be built in a dream

yet to be slept is our ark

waiting for its enigmatic parade

of colour & consciousness

two by two

the flesh on this surface is memory

distinct from its inoculation of the senses

touch dispersed at this distance

is always recorded is always there

to harden bones in unknown meditations

in lush licks of the brush

the father is painted into the picture

and out of sight

in this small university

layered green with insights

we muster silence to intone its forms

but it can only point

to where we stand

even the thoughts of others

remain as self portraits

of ourselves

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