What Suicided Van Gogh


group exhibitions, art advisory boards, exhibition history, ‘the Holy Land’, he was not in New York, engagement with art in a historical context, commentary on where the world was at, solo shows, young and hip groups of underground artist clusters, hard-working small-scale non-profit curators, curators at the Louvre, boards of directors, managers of auction houses, private art collectors, major players in the collectors’ market, marketing staff in galleries, Gauguin’s overpowering masculinity, dots in the foxgloves, Theo’s networking skills, the lack thereof, syphilis, gonorrhea, doctors and nurses, beliefs in the power of the health professionals, conviction that he would soon die, failure to have produced an outstanding artist statement, inability to communicate ideas except through paints and letters to Theo, anger management, other artists, Venus’ sublime torso, art entrepreneurs, art economics courses, definition of success and successful artist, working too hard, being too much on his own, the majority of the ravens above the wheat fields, humanity itself, art buyers’ sheepishness, horse hairs in their eyes, scorn of money, antisociability, anxiety gnawing like ants at his groins, thickness, too much fire—

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