Work Series


Some Joke

The joke is fading down from red to pink as a woman I remember from years ago limps past. Whatever happened to her husband?

Either ‘some’ or ‘real’. Not sure which one dominates.

Though there’s a contrast in the square, why always a square?

One half was easier than the other. But again which will dominate – the brighter of the two?

Will it ever be finished? What will happen to it?

He gets into his car. He rarely drives and his beard is now grey.

I’ll never be able to do that again, but does it say anything about my state of mind, whatever that means?


Help Me

Took a long time and a lot of trouble to arrive at so little. The me just goes and whose help am I asking for?

The match starts soon. More time to waste. Though what is wasted time?

Just a touch more perhaps. Or best to leave alone? The phrase ‘well alone’ can mean different things.

Same old thing. Very dark.

He now seems to need a nurse to visit him.

What will happen to labour? Or Labour?

I find that the word ‘slapdash’ first appeared in a play by John Dryden in 1679.


­Just Can’t Be Helped

A late addition which could be helped, despite what is stated.

Gone on too long. Getting nowhere.

Perhaps time to look at something else. Must be another way. A little extra needed to put an end to it. A bit of skill or intelligence. Surely not experience?

Can just be made out. Or: just can be made out!

What’s the angle?

In some shape different to most of them.


No Way

Making the best of a mistake by tearing it up and starting again.

Words mean something if someone can be bothered.

Back from hearing Ian’s story. Partly sad and partly funny, but worked out okay.

Four different (awkward) ways of making a point.

Not sure at all.

Just hanging around.


Clutching Straws

A bit depressed – but sure it will pass.

Too much going on. Things breaking up. In and out of focus.

Dots before my eyes. Too many changes. Difficult to see any future.

Kevin’s talking to the policewoman about his stolen number plate.

Leaning to the right.



Last Chance

Leaning one way then the other. All broken up.

Linford walks slowly back home carrying an umbrella. Too pale? Too grey? Such a contrast.

Looks cloudy. Could it have happened too quickly?

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