Your Soul in Five Parts


Your Soul in Five Parts


Heart —            So many hearts are thrown into a lake of fire:

               yours light as a feather of Egyptian blue, your

               Negative Confession long, compelling;

               your spirit still skipping

               between good deeds


Name —            I say your name aloud at the end of the garden

               to remember its sound. Repeat it in a whisper

               like a secret. A gift that rises from dull green

 switchgrass to ears of deep orange cloud

The word written in hieroglyph wisps


Twin —              A black and white bird with your face. On its

way to different places at once: the creek on

 the island’s inside beach, the triad of gums

 you planted, the lawn of your childhood

               home. Soaring through every sunrise


Persona —        I watch the birds for facial expressions. To the

one that swoops: you don’t need to remind us

to remember you. I often feel warm wings

around our house

when the stars come out


Shadow —        Your mouth fell open and your essence flew

to join the others. I find myself asking if I

please you. Seeking approval from shadows.

Asking If the colours I’ve used will ever be

strong enough






NOTE:  The ancient Egyptians believed the human soul consisted of separate parts, each with its own role to play in the afterlife.




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