The Nerves Of Some People


Check out Gray in a G-string.
Check out the typewriter working man’s pose.
Gray is progressive. Gray jumps on the shorts.
Crystal jumps on the shorts too.
They make the atmosphere dizzy.
Almost hydraulic.
Gray and Crystal jump on the shorts.

Check out Crystal eating a lake under the table.
Without manners. She makes progress.
She makes a stuffed head.
Gray says “Gimme a supper squeeze, baby!”
Crystal jumps on the shorts.
Gray and Crystal. So progressive.
Crystal jumps on Gray, who jumps on the shorts.

Gray works the spider with Crystal.
Provided there is a spider.
Crystal likes atmos. Gray likes progress.
Crystal and Gray. Atmospherically progressive.
Now they discover “sniffing quotes”.
Now they invent “trigger finger”.
Crystal and Gray. They are too cute.

Crystal throws the spider.
Check out the cold finger sauce in her eyes.
Gray models objective for – quote – “no reason”.
Crystal remembers to jump on the shorts.
Gray handles reason easy. Becomes progressively naked.
Crystal poses in a G-string.
Gray breaks a leg jumping on the shorts.

Check out Gray, an incomplete stillness.
Check out Crystal’s right turn, she smells like acetone.
Gray stops making progress. Crystal spasm-picks the moment.
An indiscreet wave of I-Love-You arrives.
Gray and Crystal. So ongoing.
Almost freewheeling.
Crystal and Gray. Quote. Unquote.

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