accumulation of a narrative called the self




introductions are a battle with discourse



not non-binary anti binary

not bi pan


multiplicity simultaneously

kinship is friendship

family is chosen


multicultural is static time space

relational cosmopolitan


queer theory for those who know  it

intersectionality for the rest

categories brimming with suffocation

the everyday
micro fracases






previously published in Swim Meet Lit Mag

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it’s not where it’s how

i would hastily put some of it anywhere somewhere

walk away abandoning       to

commemorate the nimbleness


is such scooping of bits possible or without consequence

even metaphorically

description of process does not equate to a knowing

maybe i’m getting it wrong


what if Anne Carson is referring to a shift in weight

a break from the rewind

a temporary footfall to put the bags on to get the feeling back in your arms

a deep lungful and pick up       again


perhaps it’s where after all

dropping on arrival

parasitic travellers awaiting their destination

are they there yet

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