Cell Stories


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before,

the one about the cells and the surgeon.


Yes, I’ve been told about the woman who was cured

by eating frozen fricassee of gourd.


I don’t think I’ll try the coffee enemas.

I prefer my coffee served in tiny white Italian cups.


I had not heard about your cousin who won the battle

by prayer and fasting.


They have chopped off my right breast.

I’m told M&S can fill in the gap.


I’m not keen on wigs or shaved heads.

I’ll stick to my scarf.   It adds a certain pathos.


We have had a good time together, my breasts and I.

One will be less than half as much as two.


I find that I’ve joined an army

am expected to fight bravely.


The final scene will be in the obit column

with a summary of my courage rating.

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