the red cloth


souvenir shop open
teahouse closed

for Chinese New Year
the white plastic kettle

the red cloth
rumpled on the table



3 February 2019, Guilin, China

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Calling on the whole society


Made from Google-translated SMS messages received in Yinchuan, Ningxia, China, during 2019


Today is Arbor Day.

Thank you for your support for the greening of the motherland!

Let us work together to fulfill the obligation

to plant trees and build

a beautiful China.


On the occasion of World Water Day,

thank you for your support of Ningxia Water Saving Work!

Water is the source of life, and everyone who saves water is responsible.

Let us care for water together and cherish every drop!


Qingming is approaching.

Guardians of a beautiful city, we must start from ourselves,

advocate new winds, abandon bad habits,

make civilized sacrifices, safely travel,

and strive to be practitioners of traditional Chinese virtues.


Today is International Consumer Rights Day!

If you have experienced fraud in your consumption,

contact CCTV 3.15 for complaints and reports.


Today is China’s national security education day.

National security has its foundation in the people,

blood in the people, strength in the people,

maintenance and safety, persons responsible.


May 17th is the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The theme of this year’s event is “Reducing the standardization gap”.

Users can participate in various types of prizes.


Number unfamiliar do not be good, virtual phone trap;

tax rebate prizes are scam, fleeced pirates greedy;

transfer money remits shall be careful, the mind bee is a matter of merger;

sensitive data does not go out, security awareness to keep in mind.


Today is the 29th National Day for Helping the Disabled.

The theme of this Day is “Self-Strengthening Poverty Alleviation and Sharing”.

Let us pour love together and gain warmth.


The national college entrance examination will be carried out

from June 7th to June 8th. In order to ensure the order

of the college entrance examination, the education department

will open high-power wireless signal shielding instruments

at each test site, which will affect the surrounding users.

Call failure, cannot connect,

call discontinuity, mobile Internet slow,

mobile phone display no service

and other issues. Ningxia Unicom wishes all candidates

the title of gold medal!


Recently, the Central Propaganda Department

awarded the former Northwest Field Army combat hero,

Zhang Fuqing, the retired cadre

of Laifeng County Construction Bank,

the title of Time Model,

calling on the whole society to learn from him.


Inheriting the development of China’s excellent traditional culture

and building a common spiritual home for all ethnic groups;

national unity is the lifeline of the people

of all nationalities in China.


The car makes people, let a civilization;

people let the car, give up a safe;

the car let the car, give up an order;

people let people, let a friendship;

civilization starts from the subtle.


June 27th is the United Nations Small and Medium Enterprises Day.

It is necessary to thoroughly implement the guidance of the two offices,

create a good development environment,

and promote the development of SMEs.

Inspire new energy and share a new future.


Enhance the identity of the masses of the masses

to the great motherland,

their recognition of the Chinese nation,

their recognition of Chinese culture,

their recognition of the Chinese Communist Party,

and their recognition of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The Chinese nation is a family united to build a Chinese dream;

national unity holds hands and harmoniously develops heart and heart.


Creating civilized cities, sharing civilized results.

Cultivation of civilized words, civilized things,

civilized people, civilized centers.

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