Feathers of Doom Littering the Ground - by

After Being Examined Again - by

Becoming (from memory and a Hocąk tale) - by

Sacramental Agnostic, Mr Christian - by

Meeting Me There Later - by

Another time and place where we might belong - by

Nightlines - by

How to be an Alpha Male - by

A Temple For You. - by

The Horror - by

onetaste - by

Zionville - by

Diaries of the World - by

Zionville - by

Selworthy Beacon - by

Extra Virgin - by

Moab - by

The Last Word - by

Local bus from Tampere to Helsinki - by

Splintered Viking Boat Song - by

Living with Sieve - by

Theater of the Void - by

What to Eat When Someone Dies - by

And Coast - by

March Heatwave - by

The River Night - by

The Gap in the Trees - by

The Book Says - by

On Living Tomorrow - by

Atom - by

From Crossing Two Rivers - by

Virus - by

a story - by

turkey vulture quiz - by

What Do Our Bathrooms Do After We Leave? - by

Blindness - by

In The Navy - by

Work Series - by

Begging Bowls - by

ABM (All Bout Money) - by

Narita - by

On the Loch - by

Nature strip - by

Who Put the Mock in Democracy? - by

Father Faith - by

The Camargue in Early Spring - by

Man sitting in a garden near to Lukely Brook - by

Sold Out II - by

reversed - by

the minutiae - by

for a few years - by

In a Kelly town museum - by

Once more with feeling - by

Deep throat - by

some beaux pres(id)ents - by

Lift - by

Night Falling - by

water - by

on Fremont - by

i get those messages all the time - by

from UNCOOKED LEGACY Sonnets 23 & 27 - by

Well trodden - by

Saint - by

For eyes that shine (a cutup using text from Adrian Plass’ Silences and Nonsenses: Collected Poetry, Doggerel, and Whimsy) - by

Wasn’t Listening - by

OK - by

The three genders: women, men, consumerism - by

Grandad’s Passover - by

Nana’s Hair - by

Leeches - by

Psychoanalysis in 1950s New York - by

A Visit from Queen Mary - by

Writing Rosa Luxemburg - by

Dreams - by

Dating as Slush Pile - by

Flock - by

low moon - by

Road-trip, New Mexico - by

Sonnet on a Shower Door - by

Eyewitness Travel Guide’s Tale - by

Liking a song, now - by

Three Sun Sets - by

Shame - by

Before the Pyrenees - by

Extracurricular - by

The Combing - by

Long Haul - by

Reality Check - by

Marrickville Rd Sonnet - by

That Grey Whale on the Beach - by

The Children of Lir Return to Earth - by

Another Room - by

Granddaddying - by

No man’s land - by

Stone - by

(2020- ) - by

Cell Stories - by

Youthanasia - by

An Albatross - by

Woman, Indeterminate Age, Has Changed Her Mind - by

All That Jazz - by

Bone Scan - by

Tritina after Satre - by

The First Rays of Dawn - by

Alouette - by

Your Soul in Five Parts - by

From the West Wing - by

The Match - by

Peck - by

Backtown Boys High School - by

Groundsel - by

Mother’s Toenails - by

The House my Father said he’d Burn to the Ground - by

LF/KK - by

Calling on the whole society - by

after the fires, i cannot - by

The way we do things round here - by

Peregrine - by

Soundscape (3) - by

Her Home - by

The keeping of your heart - by

Positively Pre-Cambrian - by

mobile manager - by

Sermons on the Mount, Canberra, 4th February 2020 - by

Suzie, One Summer - by

She Is - by

Silk - by

My My - by

the kitchen - by

Reasons for liking - by

for those who misstep - by

Still life - by

accumulation of a narrative called the self - by

Rewind - by

After reading Jane Hirshfield - by

the red cloth - by

Sestina after a Royal Commission - by

St Petersburg - by

Post-eclipse - by

The art of telling - by

Watching earthquakes at home - by

Less Wonder - by

Poem in rotating spheres - by

Poem on being out of line - by

Poem whose semiotics of arrival - by

instrumentalizing bullshit - by

no savings concerns or time issues - by

Footy Road-trip - by

getting to work - by

The Grief Song of the Nesting Rufus Whistler the Day After the Lace Monitor Was Seen in the Eaves - by

Options - by

Judging comps - by

What I return to and miss - by

Driving through Mallee towns - by

What Suicided Van Gogh - by

Adelaide, South - by

Dive - by

The Sum of Herzog’s Landscapes - by

who will want me? - by

A mug watches me push it off the edge of my couch (accidentally) with my elbow - by

Joy - by

Just - by

when I was Robert Redford - by

Gaunt Harvest - by

The Crossing - by

Close Listening to the Universe - by

Look the Other Way - by

Balloon Animal - by

Primer coat questions - by

The Apiarist - by

Screensaver - by

Pebble in a web - by

Reading Tu Fu late at night - by

Second-hand trader - by

The Violent Red - by

Enigma Unmasked - by

Reminders - by

Foreign Accent Syndrome - by

Therapy - by

The Nerves Of Some People - by

Epic Polar Adventure - by

Like that - by

what was and what will be - by

Restorative - by

The Name We’re Yet to Speak - by

My Five Big Sisters - by

My Kathleen to her Sabine - by