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DealBook 360 Crack+ With Serial Key For PC 2022

DealBook 360 Crack Keygen offers you one of the most advanced forex trading tools to enable you to trade the world’s most liquid market. Get in on the world of forex trading and experience the world of easy forex trading at its best!
DealBook 360 Full Crack is built upon a stable trading infrastructure, backed by leading technologies and fully redundant trading servers. In addition to providing you with some of the most advanced tools for trading the world’s largest financial market, DealBook 360 For Windows 10 Crack is perfect for everyone, from novice forex traders up to professional forex traders.
The real advantages of trading with DealBook 360 Crack Keygen is that you are provided with direct access to some of tightest spreads in the industry, visual trading capabilities directly from the charting interface and an expansive choice of order-placement options for the forex market.
As worldwide forex trading system used in more than 120 countries, DealBook 360 is available in multiple base currencies so you can select an application-wide base currency for trading in a more familiar environment.
■ Microsoft NT, 2000 or XP
■ Pentium II 233mhz, 64mb RAM
■ 1024 X 768 screen resolution
■ An online account is needed


New Evolutinary Forex Trading platform V1.0 Software Demo

New Evolutinary Forex Trading platform V1.0 Software Demo

New Evolutinary Forex Trading platform V1.0 Software Demo

DealBook 360 Demo Version
Give the DealBook 360 demo version a try. Trade all the base currencies using
most advanced tools for the forex market.
With DealBook 360 you’ll have access to some of the most advanced
tools available for trading the world’s largest financial market.
Trade ahead of the crowd, even form your home PC, and enjoy the tightest
spreads available at any time, regardless of market conditions.
DealBook 360 is perfect for professionals and novice forex traders.
* Visual access to the world’s largest financial market through most
advanced trading tools
* Unlike other solutions available today, dealBook 360 is a standalone,
standalone trading platform, offering a stable and reliable trading
infrastructure, built on the leading technologies
* Get an application wide trading base currency so you can trade in a
familiar environment
* Excellent visualization tools through charting interface, precision
pips definition and all the technical features

DealBook 360 Product Key Full [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

The DealBook 360 Torrent Download application is built on a proprietary trading platform and trading interface, and offers extensive functionality for both Forex and futures traders. The DealBook 360 Cracked Accounts platform is derived from leading trading software packages from Apex Clearing, FXCM and Trading Technologies International.
DealBook 360 Product Key provides forex traders with access to unmatched capabilities, a seamless platform, immediate access to the world’s most liquid market and competitive trading conditions.
Risk Warning
Forex trading involves considerable risk. Losses can exceed the amount of capital risked. Before acting to place a trade, you should carefully consider your financial situation and obtain advice from an independent professional advisor.
DealBook 360 Product is an independent financial services company, dealing in forex and futures, and is not a subsidiary of, or an affiliate or agent for Apex Clearing or any of its affiliates.
DealBook is not approved for distribution by any financial institution in any country or jurisdiction.
Global Forex Trading, LLC. will act as an independent financial intermediary to provide execution to eligible agreements placed on our website. All questions regarding the website or the access or use of the website should be directed to Global Forex Trading, LLC.Q:

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DealBook 360 Crack Activation Code With Keygen

DealBook 360 is the most advanced forex trading application in the global forex trading software market.
DealBook 360 is available in three versions: – Standard – Feature-packed – Custom DealBook 360 is a stable, standalone forex trading platform that you can access 24/5, a choice of multiple base currencies from the application options, and direct access to some of the world’s largest trading spreads.
With DealBook 360 you can:
* Trade in multiple base currencies from the application options or manually set your own base currency.
* Perform visual trading directly from the charting interface and volume screen.
* Use direct access to the the world’s best spreads from our traders.
* Place limit and market orders directly from the charting interface.
* Customize your trading and account management strategy with various order types and execution for both sell and buy side orders.
* Retrieve trade and account history after the trade is executed.
* Track and manage all your trades and accounts with DealBook 360.
Why DealBook 360:
* DealBook 360 is a stable, standalone trading system that you can access at any time from anywhere.
* DealBook 360 provides direct access to some of the world’s largest trading spreads.
* DealBook 360 is available in multiple base currencies so you can select an application-wide base currency for trading in a more familiar environment.
* DealBook 360 is a high-speed trading software with instant trade execution.
* DealBook 360 provides you with direct access to a variety of advanced order types from our traders so you can handle your orders in the most appropriate way for your trading style.
* DealBook 360 can be easily customized with powerful and flexible trading strategies to keep you at the top of the market.
* DealBook 360 provides graphical trading capabilities through the charting interface, volume screen and order book.
* DealBook 360 provides a rich set of data controls for examining detailed information about your trades.
* DealBook 360 is available with a full-featured web-based environment or downloadable client.
* DealBook 360 includes a robust client/server architecture that provides you with the best trading experience without having to host an account on our servers.
* DealBook 360 is robust enough for even the most demanding forex traders.
* DealBook 360 is available as a standard server-based, hosted solution for more time-critical traders.
* DealBook 360 is accessible through a web browser as well as through a local stand-alone

What’s New in the DealBook 360?

■ All-in-one forex trading platform
■ Daily, 5-day and week forex charts
■ Lowest spreads in the industry
■ Visual trading
■ Daily forex pairs
■ Multiple base currencies
■ User-friendly, visual interface
DealBook 360 Features:
■ Trade live forex, options and futures on the most liquid forex market in the world.
■ Visual trading, unlike other forex software applications.
■ Access to more than 150 worldwide currency pairs.
■ Online account or account registration not required.
■ Trade live forex on 5-day, daily and weekly forex charts.
■ Lower spreads on major currencies.
■ Trade Forex Futures.
■ Instantaneous bids and offers.
■ 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week.
■ Negative price movements allowed.
■ In-built auto re-balance.
■ Auto reconciliation.
■ Ability to accept or reject the trade.
■ Safe, secure transactions.
■ Demo account is provided.
■ Trade live forex and currencies from multiple base currencies.
■ Highly flexible, configurable, and easy to use.
■ Playback or replay all orders.
■ View exact positions and trades in the live chart.
■ Adjust order execution.
■ Order types include market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders, market orders, stop loss orders, fill or cancel orders and no trading orders.
■ 18-month, no-risk trial period.
■ Low deposit.
■ Low transaction fees.
■ Customizable trading interfaces.
■ Ability to export & import data.
■ Visual order previewing.
■ Trade live foreign exchange futures on major pair contracts.
■ Auto reconciliation.
■ No hidden fees.
■ Powerful management tools.
■ Access to 5 global trading channels.
■ Trading platform displays all trades.
■ Daily, 5-day and week forex charts.
■ Trade live foreign exchange on 5-day, daily and weekly forex charts.
■ Access to

System Requirements For DealBook 360:

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