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Desktop Athan Crack Download [March-2022]

**Enter your country!
– Enter a city, capital, region, or country
– Choose a province
– Determine prayer time based on current time
– Calendar view to see prayer times and change them
– If time of prayer can’t be determined, it will show sunrise and sunset times
– Display in English, Arabic, or any other languages supported
– Ability to change time zone
**Prayer times:
– 3 steps to see prayer times
– 4 types of prayer times:
– #1. Dhuhr, Maghreb, Asr and Isha
– #2. Feras, ‘Eshgh and Zakat
– #3. Fajr, ‘Eid, Iftar, Isha, Dua
– #4. Sunnah
– Calculation method
– Show the prayer times as Maghreb or Dhuhr
– Alarm goes off for prayer times
– Time zone settings
– Timezone definition
– User interface language
– Simplicity settings: the menu button is hidden when it is unnecessary
– Settings menu
– Add/Edit a place
– Add/Edit a province
– Edit current province
– Edit current city
– Edit current region
– Show / Hide tips
– Show / Hide instructions
– Show / Hide time
– Show / Hide prayer times
– Show / Hide sunrise and sunset times
– Edit the next prayer time
– Automatic prayer times
– Stop all automatic prayer times
– Edit prayer time
– Cancel prayer times
– Add/Edit a prayer time
– Date and time of the next prayer time
– A simple way to see prayer times
– Show date and time of prayer time
– Show only prayer time
– Show only sunrise and sunset times
– List of countries and their capital cities
– Home / Shortcuts
– Clear all settings
– New user guide
– Support
– Create an account
– About
– Settings
– About
– Contact us
– Legal
**How to get prayer times (version 1.0.1)
1) Open the application
2) Add a city, province, or region
3) Enter the time
4) Select the country
5) Choose a time zone
6) Choose a Maghreb or Dhuhr type
7) Set the alarm to pray times
8) Press start
**How to get prayer times (

Desktop Athan

Desktop Athan is a simple application designed to help users plan out the five times of daily prayer, known as Asr, Maghrib, and the three Isha prayer times.
Desktop Athan is a very straightforward application that gets immediately to the point, the moment users select a country it presents prayer times, then as additional information is added, the times change accordingly. It allows users to see exactly what the Desktop Athan is doing, as it does it. The individual options are very simple to customize, but once set up, they can be minimized and hidden, so the application takes up less space and displays only what it needs too.
Desktop Athan includes different forms of prayer time calculation, based on different interpretations of the Quran, such as the Muslim World League or the Umm Al-Qura. The only setting it is arguably missing is Arabic as a standard language setting, which seems like an easily fixable oversight.
Desktop Athan is a very helpful service that will enable users to more accurately organize their day and prayer times.

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Desktop Athan Free Download (2022)

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What’s New In?

Desktop Athan is a very simple to use program that provides many years of prayers times, according to various interpretations of the Quran, such as the Muslim World League or the Umm Al-Qura.
Desktop Athan is a very intuitive application that works right from the start. With a simple interface, the user is able to select their specific location, and see exactly what the application does to determine the time of their prayer, based on the sunrise in the location.
Desktop Athan is a very simple application that is very easy to use. When you first launch the program, you see that there are two things you can do, plan or manage. The first is to plan out how many times you want to pray in a specific day, or how many times you want to pray a week.
As you select your location, Desktop Athan will take you directly to the information you need, including sunrise times, the time of sunset, and the time of prayer. If your location has a daylight saving time, it will adjust accordingly.
When a user first launches Desktop Athan, it gives them a simple interface with one main area for selecting a location. One of the options in the interface is the ability to select a specific latitude and longitude, which is used to automatically calculate a prayer time.
With Desktop Athan, there are many possibilities of things you can customize, such as the number of prayers you want to plan out, how many times you want to pray in a day, or a week, and how many times a year. There is an option to change the language to English, or Arabic.
Desktop Athan also comes with an interesting feature, it provides a direct link to YouTube for each prayer time. You can easily share the prayer time and its location with others.
Desktop Athan will calculate and determine the prayer time, taking into account the sunrise in a specific region. The program also provides information about the time of sunset and the prayer time, and also the time of prayer and the time of day.
The interface is simple and very easy to understand, the results are very clear and it does not take a lot of effort to use.
How to use Desktop Athan:
The first thing you need to do is select your location. Once this is done, you can choose to either manage or plan out your prayer times. When you select manage, you will see a list of different prayer times, based on different interpretations of the Quran. You can choose to manage and plan one time, one week, one month, or one year, and you can repeat the process multiple times.
As an example, if you select one time, you can select between 3 to 5 prayer times, each for a specific time in a 24 hour period.
Once you have chosen a location, you will be taken to a separate tab, where you can select a specific longitude and latitude. From here, the program will automatically

System Requirements For Desktop Athan:

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
Intel or AMD core i3 processor or better
8GB of RAM
1.5GB of VRAM
Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
This version requires the Vulkan API and the OpenGL driver to be installed.
OpenGL Device-Specific Options:

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